Compressed Air
Brand Type Remarks
Compressor Airpress 4025xA1300 with dryer


Expedition brand Type Remarks
Forklift Kalmar 0020C855 1250 / 1900 Kg

Milling machine

Brand Type Remarks
Intos FNJG 40 600 x 400 x 400 Heidenhain Positip 855


Turning machine

Brand Type Remarks
Hembrug Ergonomic 150 x 500 digital readout



Finishing / Deburring / Sanding

Treatment Brand Type Remarks
Side sanding Michilin 600 45 degrees
Grinding wheel Creusen DS7150T Table on foot
Grinding wheel Creusen DS7150T Table on foot
Sanding machine Flott BSM75 77 mm Table on foot
Cutter grinding machine WS L15 2800 / min Table on foot



Machine Brand Type Remarks
Degreasing machine Lavatronix L90 Heated




Brand Type Remarks
Flott 13stw 0 - 13 mm Column
Lung Tang KD20 0 - 20 mm Column
Ixion MT13 0 - 13 mm Tablecolumn


Sawing machines

Machine type
Brand Type Remarks
Circle saw Comete C275 Cross cut saw
Sawing machine Forte SBA 241/s 250 x 250 mm Band saw



Installation & Assembly

Turning Technic not only manufactures single products but also assembles products into sub-units or end products. Turning Technic has various possibilities available for this type of work.

Turning Technic also does various forms of surface and hardening treatment. Different assembly moulds are also developed and manufactured in collaboration with a designer drawing office.