About us

Turning Technic started operations in a large shed behind a house. After several years of burgeoning growth, the firm moved to De Hulst industrial estate in Oostrum.

There Turning Technic developed further into a dynamic company with a permanent staff of 14 working. Turning Technic is active primarily in Holland, but the firm is gradually gaining a foothold further afield as well. For some time now it has been exporting abroad, particularly to Germany and Belgium.

Turning Technic supplies precision products. The products that Turning Technic manufactures by CNC turning and milling are used in a variety of sectors, including warehouse systems, machine building, the food industry and commercial aviation.

The speciality of Turning Technic is working with materials that are difficult to work. These are used extensively in the aviation industry and the food sector. Besides a wide range of metals, Turning Technic machines several different types of synthetics.

All products are manufactured according to customer specifications. Thinking along with the customer and making products of top quality take top priority at Turning Technic.

In addition to manufacturing according to customer specifications, Turning Technic has its own product line. Most of these items are business gifts. Considerable product development is focused in this area. You will find more on this point under the 'Special Products' link.

Turning Technic specializes in limited to medium production series of 50 items and up. Along with producing parts we also assemble products and half-products. Turning Technic does its utmost to provide customers the best possible service.